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Anthroposophical Society in America


Feb 15 - 18 2024


10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Mystery Drama Workshop – The Portal of Initiation with Laurie Portocarerro

Since the beginning of western drama in ancient Greece, we have turned to drama to unveil for us the invisible behind the visible, the workings of the spiritual world through our own. In Rudolf Steiner’s mystery dramas, we are given imaginations that contain the entirety of Anthroposphy, ‘the wisdom of the human being.’ The plays serve as guides in meeting our own karmic knots. We see our own flaws and foibles in the characters of Johannes and Capesius and Strader, and learn from them.
If in Shakespeare’s characters we meet every shade of soul and personality, perhaps in Steiner’s, we are experiencing stages of spiritual development. The struggles between the human beings on the stage with the great adversaries called Lucifer and Ahriman, are our struggles every day and moment of our lives.
Working with the words and imaginations, the actions and life of the plays, can give us tremendous insight, inspiration, and strength for our own paths of inner development.

Rudolf Steiner said about his Mystery Dramas:
“Our modern culture loves what is intellectual….But the world is constructed in such a way that it can’t be expressed merely in concepts and ideas ….We have to evolve modes of depiction other than the merely intellectual.

And so it was that I felt the need to express something which is completely alive… The spiritual content of Anthroposophy – of the Wisdom of the Human Being – that wills to reveal itself is much too rich to be contained within words and ideas alone; it strives for form, for the image, metamorphoses all on its own into art, into genuine art from the primal sources of art and religion.

That’s what gave rise to my four Mystery Dramas..
And if people really lived deeply with the imaginations offered in these dramas, I would not have to write the books, or give the lectures.”

We hope to host a the Second Mystery Drama later in the year.

The event is finished.

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