Sacramento Faust Branch

a branch of the
Anthroposophical Society in America


Membership Qualifications

Members of the Faust Branch must be members in good standing of the Anthroposophical Society in America, or members at large of the General Anthroposophical Society.

Obligations and Responsibilities

As a condition of membership, individuals are required to pay annual dues for the support of the branch according to a schedule established by the Coordinating Committee. Initial membership entails obtaining a current dues form from a member of the coordinating committee and submitting the completed form to the treasurer.


Members are entitled to attend any meeting, event, workshop, conference, performance, festival or activity sponsored by the Branch. Attendance fees are based on the membership level selected on the dues form. Members are entitled to voice support or disagreement on any matter put before them by the Coordinating Committee.


Members are provided with schedules of events, and annual financial reports of branch activities. Legal documents and tax returns will be posted on the website or provided on request.

Branch Governance

Although the Coordinating Committee selects its membership and successors, branch members may suggest names for consideration to the Committee, along with a description of the particular talents or contributions that the nominee could provide. Consideration is given based on the present size of the committee and the skills needed at the time, with a premium placed on the confidence of committee members that they can work harmoniously with a candidate.

Annual Meeting

Once a year branch members will be invited to a meeting in which reports on the work of the past year and a preview of future possibilities will be presented. A treasurer’s report will be given. Members will be asked to share their reflections on the previous year, suggest activities for the future and share other thoughts related to branch life.


Branch members may be asked to serve on a standing committee or task force. The Coordinating Committee may occasionally conduct a survey to identify the interest of members in further serving the life of the branch and their particular experience.


Member’s dues: $55. Payable in September.

Supporting Member dues:  $95. Entitle one to free admission to lectures. Donor dues are $140. and entitle one to free admission to lectures and special events.

All attendees are expected to pay for Special Events (fees vary), excepting Donors. Dues and contributions help pay for mailing and printing costs, facility expenses, honoraria for lecturers and artists, as well as festival celebrations. Donations beyond the membership fees are gratefully received to support the programs and activities that benefit the entire community. Those with special financial circumstances are encouraged to speak with a member of the coordinating committee.